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Limited Edition Lathe Cut 7" - only 50 made! Clear Plexiglass with foldover covers.

Absolute Truth is a straight-forward, no-nonsense straight edge hardcore band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Known for their raw, in-your-face sound and unflinching honesty, Absolute Truth's lyrics tackle a wide range of societal issues, from gun violence to mental health, all with a searing sense of purpose and urgency.

Drawing inspiration from classic hardcore bands such as Inside Out and A Chorus of Disapproval, Absolute Truth infuses their sound with a modern twist, taking cues from contemporary bands like Down To Nothing and Backtrack. But make no mistake, this is not just another cookie-cutter hardcore band. Absolute Truth is on a mission to bring substance and meaning back to the genre they love.

Comprised of current and former members members from other renowned Chicago hardcore acts such as Decline, XGatekeeperX, Expired Youth, and Noose, Absolute Truth brings a wealth of experience and passion to the table. With a powerful live show that's both intense and engaging, they've are quickly gaining a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Midwest hardcore scene.

WAR Records is excited to announce Absolute Truth’s 6 song debut, Where Does It Start?. Available this Spring both digitally and physically as a limited edition cassette and lathe cut 7”.  If you're looking for a band that's unapologetically hardcore, that's not afraid to speak their mind and tackle tough issues head-on, look no further than Absolute Truth.

Track Listing:
1. See Me
2. All Against One
3. Where Does It Start?
4. Defined
5. Bright Lights
6. Absolute Truth

Lathe cut records are made one-at-a-time, in real-time, by a real person. The sound is embossed on to the plexiglass, using an experimental process and a 70 year old machine.

Lathe cut records are NOT pressed records and may have slightly more surface noise (due to static build up and dust) or an occasional light distortion in some frequencies, but they sound pretty nice given the circumstances. The volume will be a little lower than a modern “post-loudness-war” record, so turn it up to enjoy. The records should track well, even on cheaper turntables, but if you have problems, adjust your tonearm weight and your anti-skate settings.

If the record sounds overly distorted, lift the needle and drop again, or gently nudge the needle to the side. Occasionally, the needle gets caught on the side of the groove or in between the grooves.

Lathe cut records will NOT degrade or harm your needle or cartridge.