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Limited Edition White Cassette with Red Printing (100 Made).

Like most bands that formed during the COVID-19 lockdown, WISH was born out of frustration.

Whether it was the political unrest, the worldwide pandemic and the isolation it brought on, 2020 was a complete and utter shitshow.

Uncertain what the future held for the world, and with the reality sinking in that shows were not going to happen for some time, members of Malice at the Palace, Diamond Back, Point Blank, and Twisted Dream joined forces to form WISH.

Though they couldn’t play any shows, WISH used the time to dial in their songwriting approach. The result of their hard work can be heard on Adapt or Die, the group’s forthcoming debut album. 

Cross-pollinating elements of hardcore and thrash metal with a focus on stadium-sized groove parts, WISH will undoubtedly appeal to fans of such bands as Mindforce, Drain, Leeway, and Trapped Under Ice.

Sometimes the roots and fundamentals of what being a band means can get lost in the pressure of what the culture expects of you. WISH isn’t trying to change the mold, they are simply trying to channel their anger and frustration into something positive.


1.  Adapt or Die

2. Conflict of Loyalty

3. No Masters

4. Free

5. Expose

6. Friend or  Foe

7. Homecoming